Food Photography

We offer mouth-watering food, beverage, cocktail, and restaurant photography. Now more than ever it is essential to produce quality images to properly market your restaurant or food brand. We use specialty lighting and editing techniques to deliver quality food photographer that will entice the appetite and drive customers to your business. We also promote all of our clients on our personal blog Cuisine and Travel which has a following of over 167,000 readers and followers including over 50k followers on our Instagram @cuisineandtravel.

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Event Photography

The best way to sell tickets to an amazing event is to show guests what they will be experiencing. We specialize in creating capturing and exciting photography that showcases everything your wonderful event has to offer. We cover Wine & Food Festivals, Charity Events, and more! In addition, we also offer event attendee's the ability to download their own photographs directly from our Cuisine and Travel site. This means even more social media promotion for your event and provides guests with quality pictures to share on their social media channels.


Monthly Content Creation

Monthly content is especially important. Gone are the days in spending money on expensive magazine ads. The majority of consumers discover new restaurants through online recourses such as social media. Every restaurant should be investing in monthly content to showcase their food and restaurant. Every image you make public should "entice the appetite" as I like to say. If it does not make you hungry and want to eat it, then do not post it. We offer packages to visit your restaurant each month and shoot a variety of social media friendly images which can be used throughout the month. Each shoot will produce 15-20 days worth of content to be spread over one month so you can post consistently, attract new guests, and grow your accounts. We will also give a 1-hour training course to your social media manager for free! Don't have a social media manager? You can hire us to create, manage, and grow your social media!

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Drink Photography

Capturing a beautiful cocktail is an art form. Mixologists work day and night to develop creative and beautiful cocktails which take skilled photography to capture. Using mood lighting, different scenery, lighting, and smoke, we create drink and cocktail photography that is perfect for your happy hour!

Product Photography

We go above and beyond your typical average studio product photography shots. Instead, we stage and style products to be in an environment that relates to the product. This creates a more captivating experience for consumers. Whether you sell coffee, wine, or water bottles, we offer the skillful photography needed to embody your product packaging and brand.


Brand Collaborations

Through our site Cuisine and Travel we work with numerous brands creating unique content to share with our audience of over 165k readers and followers. We have built a large and loyal audience who read our articles, newsletters and follow our social media accounts. Some of the brands we have worked with include Sabro, Subway, Church's Chicken, Red Lobster, V8 Juice, Food Beast, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Dine Newport Beach, Ruths Chris Steakhouse, Dunkin Donuts and many more. 


60-Second Videos

We specialize in creating 60 second videos which are perfect for Facebook, Instagram, Websites, and Advertisements. These can be used to showcase your restaurant, new seasonal menus, specialty dining, holiday menus, and so much more. You may use your manager or staff member for voice over or you can utilize my 10+ years of experience working as a host.


In addition to restaurants, we also specialize in event videography. Our videos are designed to capture the atmosphere, food, drinks, guests, and vendors. We also can interview guests, Wild on E! style to produce videos that make your event the place to be.


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Specialized hands-on approach to marketing and public relations for restaurants and culinary brands.


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